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Feral Hog History and FAQ:

Hogs were first introduced in Florida by Spanish explorer, Hernandez de Soto in 1539. They were brought along as a food source for expedition as were other domesticated animals. Likely hogs escaped from make shift pens as the explorers traveled. Some may have been released and hunted for sport. These hogs then became wild or ‘feral’. Hogs are very adaptable and always on the look for food and shelter. No natural barriers stop feral hog migration, i.e. rivers, mountains, weather. Settlers used to let their hogs run free until feeding time or slaughter. This added to the problem and populations have soared since then making them a very aggressive invasive animal.

 Hog Facts:
1.Statistics from Texas A&M AgriLive Extension estimate that in 2011 Texas feral populations were at 2.6 million ---estimate.

2.Researchers also suggest that each hog is capable of causing an average of $200 worth of damage in a year –that’s each  hog!  

3.Under the right conditions, each hog could live up to about 4 to 8 years.

4.Nation wide, population “guestimates” range from 4 to 8 million hogs that cost around 1.5 billion annually and growing.

5.Out of the total population of hog in the US, Texas is said to have half of population.

6.Texas has reached the point where hogs are growing exponentially. In 5 years Texas feral hog population is predicted to reach 8 million.

7.Feral hogs are no longer just a rural menace. Our company, Ortiz Game Management LLC have located, caught and removed them from inside city limits. Our largest hog to date removed from within a city limit is 359.9 pounds.

8.Feral hogs are pushing themselves closer and closer to where we live and have a negative impact to the natural resources, our scarce water supply, other wildlife, endangered species, and humans.

9.A sow can reproduce every 115 to 120 days and give birth to 6-8 piglets but have been known to have up to 10 at a time. In 6 months those piglets can become sexual mature and breed ready. 

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