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About Us
We are a family owned and operated business with over 48 years of experience headquartered in New Braunfels, TX. We pride ourselves in having a strong, trustworthy relationship with all of our client. We build this by providing traditional, down home, customer service.  All our techniques and methods have been field tested. We consider ourselves stewards of the natural resources and land we manage. It takes more than just putting out hog traps to get rid of hogs. Scouting, tracking and even some hog phycology contribute  to our high level of success. This is all we do. We don't have another job or income. Feral hog removal and management is our job. Our success rate is what has sustained our business this long and hopefully for generations to come. 

We come from a family farm background and know what happens when crops don’t come in or are destroyed. We are home owners and know how costly it is to put out landscaping and see it destroyed night after night. We also understand how hard it is to get hogs out from properties once they decide to take up residency. A FAQ I get is what do you do with them once we catch them.  We also own and operate a certified Texas Approved Feral Swine Holding Facility, "Bubba’s Bacon Station"--an extension of our family's hog removal business. If you have trapped hogs and don't know what to do with them we will pay a price per pound for live, viable feral hogs. We would be happy to talk to you about how we can help by trapping and then having a certified place to take them. Or if you are interested in biting back and having a hog for your next BBQ. 

 We currently looking into, taking steps and are moving forward to open a process facility to somehow get (hogs) this self-sustaining, natural food source to those who need it. My thinking is, if we have thousands of hungry Texans and 8 million hogs running about..why are we not connecting them? Why are we not putting this into free lunch programs for hungry kids at school? Why are we not feeding prisoners or attempting to supplement food for inmates with feral hogs? When a disasters strike across Texas, people are left homeless  and hungry. Why isn't there a way to get a protein rich food source to people who need it or to the rescue workers that are out day and night doing their best? Answering these questions has taken time, effort and there is a considerable cost. But we continue to search for answers, go to Austin, ask more questions and try find solutions to barriers that are preventing our ideas from becoming reality.   

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