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Ortiz Game Management and Hog Removal of Texas is happy to offer our services to those with questions, problems or just want a better quality animal to hunt. If feral hogs are your problem, we can help with elimination, removal and control. We target hogs that are destroying landscaping, underground sprinkler systems and electrical wiring. They cause unnecessary erosion to roads, culverts, and earth dams. They destroy corps and can infect livestock and water supplies with a variety of diseases. If you have large territorial hogs that are taking over your yard, or destroying crops WE CAN HELP!

We also handle native species and exotics animals through land management, nutrition and predator elimination. We can assist with targeted animals that "crowd out" and over populate areas and limit food and water supply to your desired herd, brood, flock or sounder. If hogs or deer are a nuisance and eating up your yard, crops, or orchard WE CAN HELP! We specialize in live capture and removal.

We often process hogs for landowners. If you live in a subdivision or have a industrial site or area where firearms cannot be used or their use is illegal then WE CAN HELP!

Please explore this site to learn more about our feral hog removal program and what our company can do for you.


R. A. "Bubba" Ortiz
Director of Operations 




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